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IBM Bladecenter H NIC Mapping


IBM Bladecenter H NIC Mapping

Each Blade has 2 Onboard Ethernet Connections, a CIOv Card with 2 Fibrechannel connections (44X1945) and a CFFh card with 4 Ethernet connections (44W4479).

The Bladecenter has 6 Ethernet switches (Cisco 3012 43W4395), 2 Fibrechannel modules (39Y9280) and 2 Multi-Switch Interconnect modules (39Y9314).

The Multi-switch interconnect modules are installed in the top and bottom high-speed switch bays these create bays 7 and 9 and bays 8 and 10.The Ethernet switches are installed in bays 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10. The fibrechannel modules are installed in bays 3 and 4.

On the Blade the NIC’s connect as follows

NIC ​Switch Bay
​First NIC 1
Second NIC 2
​Third NIC 7
​Forth NIC 8
​Fifth NIC 9
​Sixth NIC 10

Below is a image of the connections

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