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Salter 508 ORSSCR Battery change


Below are the instructions to replace the battery in

To replace the battery you need

You need a small phillips head screwdriver (PZ1), and a small flat head screwdriver (4 or 5mm). You can get these from Maplins, Radio Shack etc.
You need a CR2032 battery. Buy a couple because they do not last very long.

1. Remove the two silicone “bungs” on either side of the unit.
2. Remove the sensor cover (the spike cover).
3. Remove the flat piece of silicone at the base of the spike.
5. One of the holes at the base of the spike is larger than the others. Look inside (put your specs on) and you will see a small screw. Undo the screw. You will need to carefully locate the screwdriver in the screw head. Its probably best if you lay the unit down on a table so that the spike points upwards. Then locate and press the screwdriver down securely before turning. Now maybe you can see the reason for replacing the sensor cover (step 4) – lots of potential to skewer an artery here.
6. Insert a small flat head screwdriver gently into the slot that is just around the corner (5mm) from the “Salter” logo. Its at the junction of the metal and plastic. Tilt the screwdriver down a bit so that its point is aiming towards the sensor. There is a little tab in there that you have to unclip. Be careful and wiggle the screwdriver until you hear the tab click. At this point you can separate the two halves of the display. The sensor wire will pull easily out of the sensor spike.
7. The battery is under the shiny metal cover in the display unit. Use your small philips driver again to remove this cover. Replace battery.
8. Replace battery cover.
9. Slip sensor wire into sensor spike.
10. Gently clip the case halves back together.
11. Do up the little screw that holds the case parts together.
12. Replace silicone bits
13. Switch on and use.


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  1. Ian permalink

    Brilliant – far more use than the instructions on the Salter website!! I struggled for far too long and damaged the wafer-thin s/s trim, too, so will superglue or discard this

  2. Sean permalink

    Many thanks for this guidance. Very helpful, and as Ian says, much better than the Salter website. Really appreciated

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