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Arduino, ESP8266 & Raspberry Pi stuff

The Simple Arduino published earlier can easily be outfitted with a 3.3 Volt outlet, as there is space enough on the stripboard
Adding 3.3 Volts is easily done with a 3.3 V regulator for which I have chosen the lowdrop TS2950C33. This regulator can deliver 150 mA which should be enough for most applications.

The circuit is quite straight forward, just use the input of the 5 Volt regulated power supply of the board as a feed for the TS2950. If you pick another 3.3 Volt regulator, make sure that 5V input is enough, otherwise you may need to feed it from the unregulated power line coming from Diode D1. The capacitor in the 3.3 V line does not need to be that big: 1uF even 220nF is probably enough already, but I just happened to have a 10uF.

It is very easy to find space in the setup as…

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