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Arduino, ESP8266 & Raspberry Pi stuff

For a specific project with the Arduino – that I will publish later– I needed to switch a few 230 Volt appliances. This always makes me having to decide between a relay, a triac with optocoupler, or a ready made Solid state relay.
SSR’s can be had for fairly little money with the 39MF22 only at 1.80 euro. For that money I am not buying mechanical relays and don’t mess with triacs.

The circuit is quite simple:

R1 is there to limit the current through the LED and the 39MF22. The LED shows when the switch is active. The 39MF22 comes in a DIL-8 but misses pin 7. The switch is between pin 6 and 8. Pins 1, 3 and 4 are the ground connectors and need to be connected. It is advisable to connect them on a PCB to a little mass of copper so that can act…

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