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Implement a SFTP Service for Ubuntu/Debian With a Chroot’ed, Isolated File Directory.


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In this entry, I will explain how to install and setup an SFTP service in an Ubuntu or Debian Linux server. SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is an extension of the SSH (Secure SHell protocol) which is for secure remote access into systems.

Despite its name, SFTP is not an extension to the 1985 FTP (File Transfer Protocol – RFC 959) which was in frequent use until the late 1990s to share files online. FTP usage has fallen out of favour for Internet use in the 2000’s due to the protocol’s inherent insecurities in addition to competition from a newer protocol such as the bandwidth-friendly BitTorrent protocol. The most glaring vulnerability with FTP is that it requires log-in usernames and passwords communicated between the client and the server using unencrypted plain-text.

Fortunately, in recent years many of the more popular FTP clients have implemented complete support for SFTP making the end-user transition…

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